Applicant Outreach Toolkit Feedback Survey (for applicants)

The Applicant Outreach Toolkit includes information and resources for applicants/landowners as they contemplate and undertake community outreach efforts associated with their ideas, proposals and applications. If you are not already familiar with the Toolkit, please take a moment to check it out before completing this survey.
When did you first learn about the Applicant Outreach Toolkit?
Are you aware of The City’s minimum recommendations for applicant-led outreach in connection with proposals/applications?
As background information, The City’s minimum recommendations for applicant-led outreach are outlined within:
1. The Community Outreach on Planning and Development Toolkit (Outreach Roles & Responsibilities section).
2. The PE and DP forms in POSSE (only major DPs going to CPC for decision). Comments direct applicants to the Applicant Outreach Toolkit and Applicant Outreach Summary.
3. The LOC DTR #1 – prior to CPC/PE assessment form version:
The City’s recommended minimum approach for applicant-led community outreach is outlined below:
  • Complete the Community Outreach Assessment (assesses the potential impact of your proposal within the context of the community you are working in and provides additional guidance on your outreach approach).
  • Connect with the surrounding neighbours, community association or relevant member-based organizations and area Councillor early in the process to discuss your development ideas.
4. The DP prior to decision/DTR#1 version:
Do you agree that these minimum recommendations for applicant-led outreach are appropriate?  
Please explain why you selected the answer above.
Do you agree or disagree that the Applicant Outreach Toolkit includes useful information for applicants? (For example: Outreach Roles & Responsibilities, Considerations for Applicant Outreach During COVID, connected to each of the six steps outlined in the toolkit). 
Do you agree or disagree that the Applicant Outreach Toolkit includes useful tools/resources for applicants? (For example, resources such as: the Outreach Assessment Tool, Applicant-led Outreach Summary, Outreach Plan Template, Outreach Tactics & Techniques Overview).
Have you used one or more of the resources within the Applicant Outreach Toolkit?
Overall, do you believe the information and resources in the Applicant Outreach Toolkit help support applicants in their outreach efforts?
Overall, how would you rate the Applicant Outreach Toolkit as a resource for applicants?
Do you have any additional feedback or suggested improvements connected to the Applicant Outreach Toolkit?
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