Student Behaviour and Conduct Policy Revisions Survey 2020-21

The Board of Trustees (the Board) is required by the Education Act to establish, implement, and maintain a policy and code of conduct related to providing a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment and addressing bullying behavior. The Board fulfills this requirement, in part, through the establishment, implementation, and annual review of the Student Behaviour and Conduct Policy.

This policy works in alignment with a number of other related policies, including the Welcoming, Inclusive, Safe and Healthy Learning and Working Environments Policy, the Anti-Racism and Equity Policy, and the Student Suspension and Expulsion Policy. This year’s annual review of the Student Behaviour and Conduct Policy has resulted in proposed updates to the policy related to:

• Anti-racism
• Restorative practices
• Online environments

Please click here to see the proposed updated policy.
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