360 Reviews
It’s time to start treating your employees like you treat your customers.
360 Review Template

What is a 360 evaluation? If you're a manager or work in human resources, you'll be conducting employee evaluations. Gathering multiple perspectives is key to obtaining the bigger picture. Asking an employee's subordinates, peers, management and having them perform a self-evaluation is key to conducting a 360 evaluation. 360 degree feedback is a review process where an employee receives confidential feedback from supervisors, peers, direct reports, and other invested party. 360 degree templates extend beyond the traditional top-down review process where an employee would only receive feedback from his/her direct superior. By expanding the range of feedback, an employee will receive a more comprehensive and consistent view their strengths. Learn to use Use 360 Reviews To Optimize Global Sales

360 reviews provide feedback from the employees who receive feedback from their managers. These 360 reviews completely focus on the employee’s performances in their current job. His/her improvements and failures. A perfect 360 review template must have questions that in turn result in the development of new skills of the employees. Also, one can regularly analyze the progress and learnings over time. Identify the key strengths and weakness and continue performing better and best.

Use these employee survey templates and learn to create your own 360 review template

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