360 Reviews
It’s time to start treating your employees like you treat your customers.
Why do I need 360 feedback-specific software?

360 review (360 degree feedback) processes requires careful setup and management. Because there are so many parties involved, the last thing a survey administrator wants to do is to spend excessive time setting up the survey itself.

When it comes to 360 reviews, the survey setup should be the most stress-free part of the entire process. It is typically recommended that an administrator allot one week for setup, another week for feedback collection, and two weeks for data analysis/collecting missing feedback. The majority of the first week should be spent communicating the intent and the timeline of the 360 process to all involved parties--not stressing out about the logistics of deployment.

While it is possible to run a 360 feedback through a generic survey software, generic survey tools do not accommodate for quick and clear deployment of something as complex as multi-level of feedback. The data collection in generic survey tools also do not allow for easy-parsing of data. It is thus highly recommended that a 360 administrator look for a 360 feedback specific tool such as QuestionPro Workforce.

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